Zulu Time Podcast; Episode 10

AJ on a mountain with the cascades with sun streaks going through them and the ZT podcast logo above

UK based podcasters, and a part of the #watchfam, Dan (@timely_moments) and Darren (@zulualphastraps) invited me up onto their show to talk “Watches, Podcasts and All Things PNW.” From talking about the stories behind the watches I’ve made, how I started in Seiko modding, to getting started into podcasting; we cover a lot of ground trekking on the many stories around and topics of watches in our lives. You’ve heard both of their voices before, Dan was featured in the first season of the Analog Explorer podcast last year, and Darren was just on the Bellingham Podcast talking about his backstory behind Zulu Alpha Straps as I’ve previously mentioned them in the “The Office to the Trailhead” watch strap post.

Episode 10 show notes:
“Watches, Podcasts and All Things PNW”

In this episode Dan (@timely_moments) and Darren (@zulualphastraps) sit down and have a conversation with AJ (@AJBarse) and discuss, watches, podcasts, gear, the watchmodding community and all things PNW. References through out the episode are below.
AJ Barse – @AJBarse www.ajbarse.com
The Bellingham Podcast – www.spreaker.com/show/1707084/episodes/feed
The Analog Explorer – www.ajbarse.com/product/the-analog-explorer-vol-1/
The Jocko Willink Podcast – www.jockopodcast.com
Jocko Willink Extreme Ownership – www.amazon.co.uk/Extreme-Ownership-Jocko-Willink/dp/1250183863
Robert Walkinshaw – www.amazon.co.uk/Puget-Sound-Robert-Walkinshaw/dp/B00086AIU8

two seiko diver watches, one on an origional green ZA strap and the other on a grey ZA strap on the book On Puget Sound with a pocket knife
Original ZA strap, and newly developed admiralty grey ZA strap

A major thanks gents for inviting me up on the show!
And now I’m off to “do a fair bit of trekk’n”

Link to episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3BVYb3OzeOnpZ89FUFuAz7
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