Teaching & Learning in the New-Normal, Within an @Home Studio

AJ in a black shirt and greenscreen behind him, adjusting a small light on a barstoll in his at home studio

After writing the Covid-19 Tactics post, I’ve had quite a bit of feedback and questions. So around those questions, for faculty and students, I wanted to share a more personal view on working with AV at home. In it, I show how I have my ‘studio’ set up to do these videos; and more importantly as of a few recently answered questions around “how to set up a green screen.”

I wanted to do this video in a more personal tone, just as a reminder to faculty and staff that we all are needing to adapt in these teach-at-home/ learn-at-home times. It’s a reminder to all of us, that we all have lives that our teaching and learning have moved into our homes, and we have to find adaptations to overcome limitations.

Green Screening

  • Hang it on a curtain to make it easier to use where you work at home.
  • The green cloth needs to be as tight as possible, with not light coming through it. Wrinkles, shadows, and light from behind throw off most ‘keyer’ [the technical-thingy in video software that detects the color and adds a background].
  • The easiest way I’ve found is attaching to to a blackout window curtain with chip-clips gives you the ability to chase wrinkles and keeps it up in your home without it being in the way day-to-day.
  • Lighting, optimally, should be from three sources
    • One left, one right, and one above and forward of you: this helps keeping your shadow from casting directly behind you to the green screen