The Analog Explorer: Vol. 1 “Skookum Edition”

AE 1 of 1

The Analog Explorer is a project that has been in the works for the last several months. This 20 page publication is crafted from my passions of photography, PNW culture, travel, and of course time itself.  Readers will hopefully find it as the perfect companion to that early cup of coffee on a Saturday morning.

Limited “Skookum Edition”

The SE is a limited signed and numbered edition of the first printing of Volume 1.

“In a tidal shift, our value of time has diminished with the onslaught of modern technology. Our devices connect us like never before, but simultaneously drown us…

The Analog Explorer is my analog manifesto against our digitally distracted mindset…”

A Rouge Wave of Time and Light: The Analog Explorer Vol 1.
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Local Coffee House Launch & Meetup!

For the initial launch, I wanted to include a local event. Free local pickup December 2nd at the Analog Explorer Meetup in Bellingham. Or, ships in the USA mid December.

The Analog Explorer doesn’t feel like a typical flimsy “magazine.” Instead, the cover is printed on a premium 80# semi-gloss 216 GSM, and the pages are finished in a silky 80# matte text 118 GSM paper. In non paper-geek speak, it feels more like a soft cover coffee table book, but in a magazine formatted size.

My Thanks

My utmost gratitude goes out to all of my Patreon patrons who have supported my photography these last few years. With a special thanks to my wife, who tirelessly helped me over my creative roadblocks with each edit in producing this.

Truly, this could not have happened without all your support- THANK YOU.