Family Travel in Vancouver BC & the Venturesafe EXP45

featured on Pacsafe site (screenshot)

My wife and I have been long time fans of Pacsafe. From exploring new day treks on freshly discovered trails while on vacation, to hopping from cafe-to-cafe in new cities, usually at least something in our bag situation on most trips is made by Pacsafe. Having traveled with and owned various versions their bags over the years, to date my go to travel camera bag is still a well loved earlier designed version of their Camsafe 17L, decorated in morale patches naturally. A bag that has been halfway around the world, and survived several photo hikes here in the PNW.

With the pandemic moving into its new phase, and travel opening up, we packed up a new EXP45 for a family weekend up in Vancouver BC. 45L carries everything for three of us on a weekend; save for my Camsafe dedicated for my photography gear, and a little yellow REI Tarn I’ve mentioned several times on the Bellingham Podcast for my son’s snacks and games. Pacsafe’s design incorporates anti-theift measures that don’t really add frustration to the user. The bag has Exomesh in it to prevent slashing, RF ID blocking pocket for your passport and cards, and a new centralized lock design for or faster centralized access for the wearer.

This trip was much more urban trekking weekend vacation for us, staying in northern part of the city (North Van), with the hopes of getting a Moonswatch, and then trekking around Vancouver by way of the urban trails, parks, and the Aquabus system. Hitting three museums in one weekend, and adventuring on boats, made for a very excited (and later very tired) 5-year-old.

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