AE. 10 The ‘Moonswatch’: Analog Explorer x Zulu Time Podcast

desktop of iphone with the Moonswatch on screen a patch of the ZT podcast just behind it to left and cut out of the AE podcast to the right. Candle top left keyboard just out of frame top right

Analog Explorer alumni Dan (@timely_moments) of the Zulu Time Podcast joins this conversational episode on the Omega x Swatch Moonswatch event.

Omega x Swatch Moonswatch :

Omega history (from the brand itself)

Swatch history

Monochrome Moonwatch history series:

Hodinkee Darkside of the Moon:

Instagram video of all the lines around the world at the Swatch boutiques 

Burnaby Vancouver Swatch the morning of the Moonswatch launch…just to get INTO the front doors of the mall the Swatch boutique is in:

At 6:30am

IMG 5326

By 7:30am

IMG 5336

Full directors cut of my talk with Dan on the Zulu Time Podcast