AE. 14 | Watches from on-wrist to underwater?

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Watches on wrist and underwater

  • Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze 
  • SKX007
  • Ares TI Diver-1
  • Garmin Descent G1 Solar
  • TYPSIM 200M diver

🐙Giant Pacific Octopus dive

Meeting the Gentle Giant of the PNW | The Giant Pacific Octopus

How deep does that meter rating on the dial mean?

Depth rating:

When someone says a watch is rated to 100m, 200m, 300m what does that look like |  Dr. Richard Harris (from the Rescue)  

  • When you get your open water recreational rating you are rated to dive to 18m / 60ft
  • Deep rating =  40 m / 130 ft
  • Beyond 40m you get into XR (extend range programs and technical diving territory) 60-80m
  • 100m/328ft welcome to Hypoxic trimix territory

How saturation diving works

  • JFD fly through of a saturation dive boat


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Hold fast Gear “Money Maker”


Schofield P2

Field Notes- Hamilton Khaki LE for Hodinkee

Gates of fire Gates Of Fire:

AJ’s Recommendation 

Wrist and Style (W&S) watch rolls

For the person who tinkers and fan of the new Seiko nh34 gmt movement.

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