A House in the Suburbs of Watchville

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As I mentioned on YouTube, as a member in the #watchfam, it is sad to hear that Watchville is shutting down. But, and pardon the pun here, times have changed since Kevin Rose first put together Watchville. 

Now, with the free(mium) app called Feedly, you can put together your own custom Watchville together. The concept of feed readers, apps and services that aggregate website RSS feeds, have been around since the dawn of RSS. Long before we had push notifications on our smart devices, feed readers were essential for being able to subscribe to mixed media content, and receive updates of new content. But I would say they weren’t necessarily focused on form, but rather the function. They were great at getting information to a subscriber, but most of them really didn’t help with the content for readability. More so in recent years, feed reader apps have become focused on the subscriber reader experience, or at least Feedly tries to.

In the video I cover the basic ins and outs of Feedly and what steps you can take to have it emulate the look and general functionality of Watchville. And I touch on a few of the features that, I think, make it a better and more tailored experience to a subscriber. 

Watchville is shutting down, so what next for watch news?

Even if you are not a watch enthusiast, but are perhaps a long time geek, you might appreciate some clips of some vintage Diggnation in the video.

And again, for transparency, this is not sponsored by Feedly or WatchCharts. Just what I prefer to use in preparation of Watchville shutting down.