Winchester Mt. Post Processessing (Patreon Preview)

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While hiking in the Mt. Baker Nation Forest, I climbed up to the fire watch tower on the top of Winchester mountain. Getting up there, was a story for another post….

While I was up there, and waiting out a thunder and lightning storm, I snapped a few shots; mostly ultra wide angle and panoramas before a fast moving thunder storm hit the top of the mountain.

On Every Moment Has a Story, I cover things like tools to better enhance the art of digital photography.

In this post, we are looking at building a panorama using either in body panorama (and correcting it), or stitching it yourself using a series of photos you take. There are a few useful tools in either case such as LR6‘s now built in panorama feature or use an open source app like Hugin.

In my case, I was fine shooting a straight-up jpeg from the camera as I was on top of a mountain, as I was pressed for time, and trying not to be killed by mother-nature. The shot came out decent, but not how I wanted. Naturally, it was over exposed and had seams in the less contrasty parts of the clouds. However, it can be easy to remove in post; but it does take some time, cover up, and additional contrast lighting.

We are still a ways away from the milestone of having a regular podcast, but I wanted to try out a few things and this photo seemed like a good demo. For Evergreen, Cascadian, and Skookum patrons, I have a special tutorial coming up later next week! Until then, I hope everyone enjoys watching this look behind the scenes in what goes into the details of a shot like this.

winchester outlook
winchester outlook

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