Stereotypically PNW (Two-Part Podcast)

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How PNW are you? Take and online quiz these days on a social media network with a blue bar across the top, and it might tell you that you are 87% “Rainer Royalty.” And then perhaps, it might quickly prompt you to take the next quiz to see what Disney princess that best matches your personality. But regardless, that got my podcast partner Chris Powell and I thinking- what does makes someone “PNW” or “UpperLeftUSA” minded?

Is it the snobbery in knowing the difference between an Affogato versus a Macchiato; and then paying $7 for a cup of it? The differences between a 5.6% IPA and a 8% Blonde, when best to consume either during the summer? Or is it grabbing your sticker-filled BPA-free water bottle and day pack just to wake up at the crack of dawn to hike a mountain top just watch the sun rise over the Cascades on a Saturday morning; because that is all you had planned for the weekend all week long? In this two part podcast episode, Chris and I tap the tropes and stereotypes that make us (and make us mock) our very own culture around the PNW.

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