Returning Opal back home

In 2023, the Bellingham Marine Life Center released their GPO (Giant Pacific Octopus), Opal ๐Ÿ™ , back home to the wild, where she was first found in the Salish Sea. Joining my fellow volunteer divers from Gone Diving, we were on board to help get her back home and capture her release for the Port of Bellingham and the Life Center.

Releasing Bellingham Marine Life Center Octopus back into the wild

HCMS Annapolis

The Annapolis is located in Halkett Bay Marine Provincial Park. It is home to just one of the five artificial reefs created by the non-profit society Artificial Reef Society of BCโ€‹ (ARSBC). The ARSBC, driven by volunteers and based in Vancouver BC, strategically establishes artificial reefs to help strengthen the natural habitat within the waters of British Columbia and supports divers in making it a destination dive site.

HMCS Annapolis | Canadian Destroyer

Divers doing good

Every dive is a clean up dive, but with the help of my dive partner Andy, in 2023 we organized a clean up in partnership with Gone Diving dive shop, and Bellingham Parks & Rec. So, what can 11 divers pull out of just a small section of Lake Samish? You might be surprised…

Lake Samish Clean up dive | 2023


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