“The Underwater Farmer” – Peninsula Kelp Co.

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Meet Graham Gannon, professional diver and co-owner of the Peninsula Kelp Co based out of Northern Ireland.

Unlike past episodes, this time you’ll find two episodes in the Analog Explorer Podcast feed. The first, AE. 07, is produced in more of a storytelling narrative format. You’ll be diving [literally] into the backstory of Graham and the Gannon family, and how a series of opportunities brought him and his family to become the sustainable farmer(s) of underwater nutrition that he is today.

The second, AE. 08, goes back to the more traditional conversational format of past AE episodes. It follows up the previous episode left off in the pandemic, and picks up in the normal conversational AE format. Graham and I of course dive into our shared love for watches, our family, and the sea. We also hit on our shared ethos of the importance of staying connected to, and adventuring, in the outdoors. Oh, and of course the dad-life.

While recoding and catching up with Graham for these episodes, of course the pandemic came up and quickly became front and center as we chatted. In the past 20 months so much has changed for all of us. I like to call it a changing tide for us all, and in Graham’s case I wanted to ride the wave of his story and tie that into the theme and tone of that episode. I hope you feel it come through in that episode. It is a vibe and I admit, it is a different production style than I normally produce for either Analog Explorer or the Bellingham Podcast. But AE. 08 style, for me personally, is probably one of my favorite episode’s I’ve produced to date.

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