Journey as a Timelord; Part 4

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Finally! Three click springs later, I was able to reassemble the SW200 movement and wind (and set) the crown stem! Next order of business; using the M3 X .35 Tap to bore out the crown tube hole and set threads to take a Rolex style (7mm) screw down crown tube.

Making sure the tap was straight on, I slowly bored it into the case; surprisingly I got it on the first shot!

I used a Rolex tube wrench to set the tube; and again notice the difference in knock-off vs real parts. The tube did not have the groves to receive the wrench! But, I managed to screw it in using a combination of the wrench and the crown itself. In retrospect- I should have also used a little thread-lock.

I got everything assembled, and on my wrist; it was running (and still is) like a champ! I noticed that the winding stem was a little off in fitting the tube hole, so pulled the stem (this time making sure the movement was pulled all the way out to prevent the transmission in the keyless bridge from slipping) and realigned it.
Upon reinserting it…the movement stopped. I immediately knew what happened; the keyless slipped again.

But- at least I know where to look to fix it. And, for the time being, version 2.0 of the “Bellingham Bay” is on my wrist. Next up; making a custom leather strap for it!

Listen to BPM Tech on this next phase: