AE. 16 | “Watches and Wondering”

Watches and wondering scaled

Updates and a surprise conversational collaboration episode between the Analog Explorer and Zulu Time Podcast.

Episode and show notes also available on Substack.

This week has been a busy production week with coordinating some future guests to be on the show as well as two recordings (more on that later). Earlier in the week I was able to meet on the mic Dan from the Zulu Time Podcast to catch up with him and his recent travels coming back from teaching photography (within his role as a British Army Photographer) in Kenya.

ANalog Explorer patch being held up to the skyline of Nairobi
Analog Explorer patch in the wild, Kenya. Photo courtesy of Dan @Timely_Moments

Just in time for the upcoming Watches and Wonders, on the mic is long-time Analog Explorer alumni  ⁠Dan⁠ ( @Timely_Moments ) from the ⁠Zulu Time Podcast⁠. This was a collaborative episode that came out of several different text threads we’ve been sharing over the last few weeks, hitting on three topics we’ve wanted to record about:

As always with a collab-episode, there will be an extended conversation version on the Zulu Time Podcast feed.

References in the episode

Screenshot 2023 03 27 at 1.22.15 PM
That custom t-shirt worn while recording

Mission To “Moonshine” Swatch

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Photo of Moonshine Gold Moonswatch | photo courtesy of Swatch

Watches Mentioned

Instead of a Moonswatch on my son’s wrist, he as been adventuring hard in his Blok watches over the last year.

Screenshot 2023 03 27 at 1.29.41 PM
Blok bullseye

Dan gets back an old watch he gifted to see if he can dive into tinkering and fixing.

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SBS CWC “project watch” back to Dan’s collection | Photo Courtesy Dan @Timely_Moments

The Baltic Bronze just keeps racking up dives with all that natural PNW patina.

IMG 4387
Baltic Aquascaphe bronze logging dive, after dive, after dive…

JDM Speedtimer

Japanese Defense Force

Vintage Sicura double crown double bezel “Dive Computer”

Closing Notes

Samarkand Merchants


Garmin QuickFit Straps

Collecting the “ing” around watches