40&20 Episode 60

Fully lumed dial of the Roche on bookshlef next to vintage film camera
Three different worldtime and gmt watches ontop of a newspaper with a microphone and the 40&20 podcast sticker
(left to right) 70’s Seiko Navigator Timer , 70’s Le Gant QS World Time, 2019 Farer Roché

Eugene Oregon based podcast 40&20, is a podcast hosted each week by Everett and Andrew. A #watchfam based show, each episode is typically centered around “watches, food, drinks, life and other things [they] like.” They are also long time supporters of The Bellingham Podcast, The Analog Explorer, and fellow PNW podcast brethren. This week was a big week for 40&20 host Andrew, as he had to step away from the mic to welcome his newborn child (a big congratulations from us at The Bellingham Podcast). So to fill in, Everett very graciously extended an invite to me to rejoin the show (check back at Episode 22 for a previous appearance) to talk about any watch topic that has been on my mind. Serendipitously, as of recently, is an easy one for me. In recent months, I’ve been able to add two very special watches to my personal collection that fill out a horological area that is a favorite of mine; travel watches. Mechanical watches that are in support the horological history of international travel, or communication, by way of a complication that tracks a second, or multiple, timezones. Tune into Episode 60 of 40&20 and hear a brief rundown of one of the watchmakers that paved the way for the technology that contributed to this genera of horology; Geneva watchmaker Louis Cottier. Of course in true 40&20 podcast fashion, we take a look at the watches that inspire us, and for me personally I share about the three travel watches that are important to my own collection.

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