The SKX031 debuted the same year as the 7s26 movement, and the well loved SKX007.

But over the years, these little “sub” style, 10bar watches, are often overlooked.

Yet they are a 40mm wearable and adventure ready watch…with the right parts that is.

Seiko 7S26-0040 Case; including screw down crown and bi-directional bezel.

Origional case; scratched and banged up

Polished and cleaned up

Upgraded crown and gaskets

Upgrading to modern NH36

Swapping out movement spacers

Vintage OEM hands and dial set

Dial and hands on movement. Lume check

Press in (flat) crystal and chapter ring

Encase movement, install crown and bezel

Install bezel insert and strap

Wear daily…

Double Dome Sapphire
Ceramic Insert

Newly fitted crystal and bezel insert

Wrist-check with upgrades

Final build, and travel ready